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so here is what has been going on in my life, the past few days,

yesterday around noon chad and madison came over and we played super mario world on super nintendo, the first one. its been consuming my days, since rachel suggested we play it last sunday we have all been playing it everday. while chad was playing though, rachel and i dozed off while we were lying on the couch. throughout that five some hours we were in the basement we listed to: sha sha, ben kweller; our endless summer nights, iron and wine; funeral, the arcade fire, and a mix that dani made me oh so long ago. after we woke up i recorded a new ring for rachel's phone. then we went up stairs because chad and madison had gone upstairs, but they had gone outside so we went with them and i decided to skateboard alittle bit which was fun, then we all went inside for pizza and i had my mabe fifth snapple for the day. i really like them. let's see, then we went to the warming house and listened to more arcade fire and broke some glass and hung out, ozzy was being scary again but it was fun, we saw the cocaine room again which so cool. then i got a ride home with rachel's sister and hung out at home for the rest of the night.

on thursday after school rachel came over after calliope and we all hung out, then she had to go to church so just madison, chad and i went to the warming house and we found an old-fake-but-real-looking bird so i brought it in acting like it was dead and when i brought it in the people working there (mind you it was the lady who busted us for the fire) started screaming and jumping on the chair so i threw it at the wall and then she went crazy, so we kept it up. chad even picked it up and threw it at her. it was so funny. we also figured out how to get water into the window which we have been trying to do forever. alot more happened but i dont want to type it all, valentines day passed and so did rachel and my one month, shes the best ever. my favorite girl in the world. <3
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